The Advisory Board is composed of representatives from industry, workforce and economic development, labor, community and technical colleges, government, and other community and trade organizations whose primary purpose is to advise the Center in meeting its stated goals, and to ensure that the industry is well served through its efforts. Currently the board meets twice per year as a full body. Meetings are generally held, in May and December, however circumstances may dictate when meetings take place, and members serve for two years.

What are the primary functions of the Advisory Board?

  • Review and assess the effectiveness of COE programs and activities
  • Recommend occupational performance standards and criteria for marine program requirements
  • Identify labor market needs, trends and opportunities
  • Identify emerging and innovative technologies and processes
  • Provide resources for COE and partner activities, including equipment, supplies, materials and financial resources as appropriate
  • Assist with employee recruitment, orientation and placement through career fairs, marine events and other outreach venues
  • Assist in career opportunities for youth through industry internships, and career exploration
  • Identify job skill requirements/gaps, including skill standards, knowledge and soft skills

Who benefits from the efforts of the Advisory Board?

  • Students – their transition from school to work will be smoother due to their ties with business and training programs offered at Skagit Valley College and other education providers
  • Employment community – employers will have a trained labor pool upon which to build stronger businesses and thereby building a stronger, more diverse state economy
  • Schools – community and technical colleges will received increased community support for preparing graduates to perform effectively on the job
  • General community – the entire community will benefit from people who are making contributions to ensure that workers in the marine trades have work class work skills

What do members of the Advisory Board contribute?

  • Working toward common goals such as maintaining and growing a highly skilled and technically proficient marine labor force
  • Sharing ideas about education and training related to marine trades issues
  • Knowledge, skills and expertise regarding the industry
  • Guidance, advice, time, and leadership allowing the work of the COE to move forward
  • Energy and leadership ensuring that the activities of the COE will reflect industry needs and concerns at a regional and state level